Volunteer Return To Office Suspended On Both Campuses

Our volunteer return to the office program has been temporarily suspended on both campuses.  Affected employees have been notified and will have through Tuesday to return and retrieve anything they might need.

This affects those employees who volunteered in July to return to the Vermont campus and those who volunteered in October for the Texas campus.

Those employees who have been regularly reporting to the office since March will continue to be on campus.

National Life has been closely monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic so that we are best positioned to protect the health and safety of our teammates and our communities.

Recently, the COVID-19 viral caseloads nationwide, including in Dallas County and Vermont, have been increasing.  With colder weather upon us and the upcoming holiday season, we expect that these trends may continue.

Teams from Document Management Services, IT, Equity Services Inc. and Facilities that have worked from the office since March will continue to do so as they keep critical functions operating.

We will not begin a broader mandatory return to the office until the New Year, at the earliest, and will provide at least four weeks’ notice of any decision to return to campus.

When we determine that it is safe for all employees to return to the office, we will do so in a responsible, orderly and staggered manner to protect National Life’s most valuable assets – our teammates.