National Life Secures $750 Million Source of Capital

Last week we opportunistically secured access to $750 million of contingent capital which will support our growth and financial strength well into the future.

We took advantage of favorable economic conditions to structure this unique source of capital, which we can draw down and pay back at our discretion over the next 30 years. This represents capital that will continue to fuel our mission of serving 2 million delighted customers by 2030.


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Culture Fellows Kick Off All-Important Mission

The Culture Fellows movement kicked off in September in a vibrant session, with Mehran and the Culture Leadership Team present. This inaugural Culture Fellow team marks a critical next step in our all-important culture journey.

Mehran opened the meeting and shared his thoughts on the WHY behind the Culture Fellows. He said,


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Let’s All Help Congratulate Our Graduates!

We’re excited to share this year’s class of graduates from among the National Life family.

We’re celebrating those who are graduating high school or who are earning a post-secondary degree.

It’s unfortunate that this year’s graduates are not able to enjoy the kinds of celebrations that usually accompany commencement season.

That’s why we asked families of this year’s graduates to supply their addresses.

We want to shower them with some of National Life’s love.

We tried to get as many email addresses as we could to make it easier to send an electronic card. (By the way, here’s a link for free e-cards.)

But for a lot of graduates, we only have their postal addresses. If you have time and happen to have cards on hand, we’re sure this year’s graduates would appreciate hearing from you.

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