The Good We Do: The Aikmans Collect Gift Cards For Families In Need

The good we do is the heart and soul of National Life, and it’s important that we continue to recognize the contributions that are made. Not just on a corporate level, but on an individual level.

That’s why we’re asking you to share your Do Good stories with us. If you haven’t already, check out our new campaign, The Good We Do, where we’re highlighting YOUR Do Good stories. Thank you to Bill Aikman for sending this story in. Keep them coming!

Cathy Aikman collected donations in the Richmond, Vermont area to buy over 90 Hannaford food gift cards for families in need this Thanksgiving and donated them through the school system (Bill just went to the store). Each card is worth $25 and she and a friend were able to raise over $2,300 for people in need this Holiday. You are Doing Good Cathy!