Make The Pledge Today

Share the Good Campaign runs from November 1st – December 1st and even though you’ve retired from the company you can still Share the Good today. 

The pledge you make now will be taken from your pension in January 2021 as one lump sum or 12 monthly installments – your choice! You can also choose how many nonprofit organizations you’d like to give to, up to four total. Plus you can choose how much you want to give; every dollar makes a difference to your favorite charity! Give anywhere from $1 to $2,000 and we’ll match it.

Your donation including the match will be sent to nonprofits in January 2021 along with a letter to the nonprofit(s) with your specific contribution information.

Our Share the Good Campaign runs from November 1st – December 1st.

Please email us your name, email address, charity/charities, amount per charity, addresses of charities and whether it’s one-time or 12 monthly installments from your pension to

Thank you for sharing the good!