Recreation Association Board Report

The Recreation Association will not hold Annual Meeting like we have done in the past due to busy schedules and low attendance.  Instead we are publishing an Annual report with the people on the board, events the we held in 2019 and our treasurer’s report for 2019.   If you have any questions, please email Karen Burner, President of the Recreation Association. 


President:  Karen Burnor
Vice President:  George Harris
Treasurer:  Kathy Reed
Assistant Treasurer:  Jaired Stewart
Secretary:  Heather Preis
Assistant Secretary:  Heather Funk-Clark
 Recreation Association Board of Directors
Term Expired December 2020
Cidney Tassie
Anna Henes
Heather Preis
Jaired Stewart
Term Expired December 2021
Heather Funk-Clark
Karen Burnor
George Harris
Tammy Thornhill (LSW)
Paula Yates (LSW)
Term Expires December 2022
Kathy Reed
Lindsay Staples
Paige McNally
EVENTS                                                                     SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS  
Bingo (Winter, Spring and Fall)                                   Champlain Valley Fair Tickets
Bingo (LSW)                                                               Disney on Ice
Casino Trip (Overnight)                                               Discount Ski Tickets
Casino Trip (Springfield-Akwesasne)                           UVM Hockey Game
Craft Fair                                                                    Disney on Ice
Children’s Holiday Event                                             Big E Discount Tickets
Adult’s Holiday Event                                                  Pro Football Reimbursements
Thunder Road                                                             MLB Baseball Reimbursements
Golf                                                                            Pro Hockey/Basketball Reimb
Jay Peak Weekend
Bowling/Laser Tag