Enjoy The Outdoors With Snowshoes

National Life snowshoes are available to borrow on the Vermont campus!

  • You can find them on the 1st FLOOR next to the vending machines
  • Variety of Sizes and Styles
  • Help yourself on ANY DAY at ANYTIME
  • Use the SIGN OUT SHEET when you take them
  • Cross your name out when you return them

Don’t let the snow OUTSIDE keep you inside.

  • INVITE a co-worker to join you
  • Great way to get out and ENJOY the FRESH AIR
  • Provides a CARDIO WORKOUT while building strength, balance, agility and endurance
  • You BURN MORE calories snowshoeing than you do walking
  • Snowshoeing is EASY
  • Snowshoeing is QUIET

Looking for a trail?


Located on the grounds of the home office, the par course is a 1.2 mile trail with 18 fitness stations .  A Trail Map is located on the wall near the back exit door.

When you exit the door you will notice the entrance to the trail is just outside the door on your right into the woods