Harold Goss: Legendary Leader — and Father — of Agents

In his 99 years, Harold Goss was many things.

As a boy, he was a farmer’s son, delivering milk and honey to his southwestern Kansas neighbors.

Harold Goss, WWII pilot

As a young man, Harold joined the Army Air Corps to fly 62 missions in World War II Europe, piloting a a P-47 Thunderbolt with a fierce Jayhawk painted on the fuselage. After the war, Harold remained in the Air Force Reserve for 28 more years, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.

In that time, he became a husband, marrying Betty June Sullivan, daughter of Frank Sullivan, the Insurance Commissioner of Kansas.

Upon completing the business education he had started at the University of Kansas before the war, Harold became an insurance professional, first with the Kansas Department of Insurance. He moved on to join National Life of Vermont in 1957, becoming the head of the area’s agency as General Agent in 1960.

Harold served as the GA for more than 20 years, staying with National Life afterward as an affiliated agent for almost 20 more years, retiring in 2009.

Michael Goss, 2016 Intern
Gary and Michael Goss, Diamond Club Agents

During his career with National Life, Harold became a mentor to many agents, helping them bring peace of mind to more of middle America. He even raised two successful agents—two of his four sons, Gary and Michael Goss, followed Harold’s footsteps to become Diamond Club-level ambassadors of our cause as affiliated agents. Even Michael’s own son, Michael, interned with us in 2016.

Harold Goss, General Agent

In his very full life of service, Harold Goss was many things. One thing he was throughout, however, was an embodiment of the long-term commitment National Life makes to our customers.

Harold Goss died on March 19, 2022, peacefully at his home in Leawood, Kansas. Read his full obituary here.

Featured photo: Harold Goss stands to the right of National Life President Deane Davis at one of Harold’s annual “Maple Syrup Breakfast” events in 1965. To the left of Davis is Harold’s father-in-law Frank Sullivan, Insurance Commissioner of Kansas.