Rainbow Days Marks 40 Years at Pot of Gold Luncheon

National Life is a proud sponsor of Rainbow Days, a Dallas based non-profit that helps youth in adversity build coping skills and resilience to create positive futures.

This year marks their 40th anniversary, a milestone that has been achieved by serving over 300,000 individuals across the state of Texas, making their annual Pot of Gold Luncheon even more special.

A group of National Life employees attended the luncheon earlier this month which is one of Rainbow Days’ biggest fundraisers. Through sponsorships, a silent auction, individual ticket sales, and donations, they were able to raise $300,000 in support of their programs.

Team members who attended the luncheon were Morgan Hopkins, Orlando Aguilar, Tammy Stovall, Chris Newbern, Nathan Walters, Francesca Perkins-Austin, NeAndre Broussard, Luciano Varela, Senait Menghes, and Carolyn Jenkins.