2019 Annual Report

The theme of the 2019 (remember then?) kickoff meetings was a simple fill-in-the-blank answer to our most important question — Why?

“Because ____ matters” was depicted as a simulated roulette-style wheel containing many of the reasons we are here.

For the year-end printed Annual Report, we made the simulated wheel tangible, with an actual paper wheel attached to the inside cover that the user can spin to the blank-filler that they hold dearest.

By the time the report went to press, however, the prospect of handing out reports in-person became much more limited. So we took it virtual again.

See the interactive 2019 Annual Report celebrating our vision and strength here: https://digital.nationallife.com/2019AnnualReport

And you can still order the printed report from Merrill using the catalog number 60034.