What’s Your Secret? Featuring Holly O’Brien

What’s Your Secret” is an ongoing series presented by the LIFE Committee. In each article, the LIFE Committee will highlight one individual in the company who has made great strides towards living a healthy lifestyle. If you know somebody who has made significant strides in their journey to health and wellness, please send their name to Janis Blais.

This week we’re featuring Holly O’Brien of the Contact Center. 

Tell me a little bit about your journey with gaining weight and what prompted you to think about weight loss? 

I had always been a yo-yo dieter. You know follow the newest fad… well we all know that never works.  I continually would lose and gain it all back.  I always put everyone else first and always put my needs second. I had finally hit rock bottom in regard to my own health and it was playing a pretty big mental impact on me. My husband became a personal trainer and he helped me get back on track. He put my weekly workouts together and is my biggest cheerleader. I always thought I had to do high cardio to lose any weight and lifting weights was always intimidating to me.  Through my weight loss journey, I have found more success in weight loss while lifting weights.

How are you balancing work and home life for keeping up with your weight loss goals?

I have found that I need to get my workouts done first thing in the morning or I won’t get it done. I generally wake up by 4:30am and in the gym between 5-5:30. It is the best way to start your day!

Have you added exercise to your stay at home routine? If so, what’s your favorite activity. 

While I won’t lie and say I have stuck to my normal routine since working from home, I will say that routine and consistency is what keeps me going. I have tried to get at least 4 days of lifting in each week.

What advice would you give someone working from home that may be struggling to find time to work out or eat healthy?

We can always find time.  Even if it is just 15 minutes a day to move our bodies.  I find that meal prepping saves me from making the wrong food choices and makes my week much easier.

What resources at National Life do you find the most helpful in maintaining your healthy lifestyle? 

I have been part of the WW program for a few years now.  This along with lifting weights has kept me going.  The good thing about WW that works for me is that I don’t have to give anything up.  It is about moderation and still living your life.

What happens to your fitness routine when you go on vacation?

Well living with my husband not working out on vacation is not an option. We have bought week passes, brought our TRX with us or used the gym where we go.  Now it might not be as aggressive or frequent as when we are home, but we get something done.

What are some of your favorite healthy meals and snacks?

  • Fruit and yogurt is my morning meal
  • I love anything crunchy so my go to snack is pretzels (count out 11) and salsa
  • I like the laughing cow cheese as a healthy alternative
  • Frozen grapes