Vermont State Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year

Community support and activism define who we are. It also allows us to connect with organizations that make a difference. Our very own Magesh Elangovan was asked to be a judge for the Vermont state Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year competition. Each club nominates one student and then a panel of judges makes the very difficult choice of who the winner is for the state.

All participants had to submit three different essays along with their recommendation letters and resume. They went through a three-minute speech reflecting on their club experience, what matters the most, and their personal growth. This was followed by a set of interview questions from the judging panel.

The participants this year represented clubs from:

  • Boys & Girls Club of Greater Vergennes
  • Boys & Girls Club of Burlington
  • Boys & Girls Club of Brattleboro

Ali Osman Ali, the winner of this year represents the Boys and Girls Club of Burlington.

Congratulations Ali and thank you Magesh for being part of something so special.