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(3/17) Life Boot Camp – VT

  • Come and learn the basics of the life insurance business!  We will cover the fundamentals of life insurance, our product portfolio and key applications of life insurance.

(3/18) Coaching for Development – VT

(3/18) Coaching for Development – TX

  • Learn methods to help increase sustainable employee behavioral growth and change
    Discover and practice a powerful six step coaching model that begins with building trust
    Identify challenges at each step and learn specific tasks and skills required to address these challenges
    Learn the indicators that can help measure success for the employee at each coaching step
    Gain practical tools, templates, and reference guides to facilitate coaching meetings

(3/19) Annuity Boot Camp – VT

  • Come and learn the basics of the annuity business!  We will cover how annuities work, our product portfolio and key annuity markets.

(3/24) Effective Listening – VT

(3/24) Effective Listening – TX

  • Understand listening behavior as it relates to effective communications
    Discover how to defuse emotional situations
    Learn the communication process of paraphrasing, asking open–ended questions and reflecting emotional feelings