NLG Capital Compliance Team Changes

The following announcement was distributed on behalf of Chris Zimmerman, Jason Doiron, and Ata Azarshahi on April 5, 2022:

We are excited to announce the next iteration of the Compliance function for the NLG Capital asset management team.  Effective April 1, NLG Capital compliance duties have been transitioned to Greg Teese and Justin Daniels.  Greg is stepping into the role of Chief Compliance Officer, Asset Management, and Justin has been appointed Deputy Chief Compliance Officer, Asset Management. 

Greg previously served in the Chief Compliance Officer role for more than four years and is very familiar with the NLG Capital team and its compliance needs.  Likewise, Justin as Head of Operations for NLG Capital, is well-positioned to work with Greg to continue Rob Lewton’s good work in strengthening our compliance function.  Both Greg and Justin will continue with their current duties in addition to their NLG Capital compliance roles.  We anticipate that Justin will transition into the Chief Compliance Officer role after he has had an opportunity to work more with Greg and the compliance team.

As part of the next step in our compliance journey, Greg and Justin will also look to leverage the many synergies with the NLG Risk and ESI Compliance teams.  ESI Compliance will help support the NLG Capital team with Code of Ethics-related activities and the Risk team will assist with investment guideline monitoring.  We look forward to working closely with these areas to build on the momentum already established and to continue to respond to changing compliance demands and priorities.

Please join us in congratulating Greg and Justin on their new roles.

-Ata, Jason & Chris