Nearly Three Dozen Interns Finish Their Summer With Us

The nearly three dozen college students who started their summer with us eight weeks ago are completing their internships today.

Some will still be here in some capacity for a while longer. But the bulk of the interns will be headed back to school after today.

Ross Delabruere, second from left, won intern of the year. He was presented with the award by, left to right, Deanna Merola, Max Robinson, and Joyce LaRosa.

Awards were presented on Thursday, including for intern of the year. That award went to Ross Delabruere, a rising senior at Tufts University who interned with the Strategy and Business Transformation team.

All of the interns participated in presentations all morning Thursday on the subject of how we bring peace of mind to everyone we touch.

The projects were divided up along the lines of our business areas, including Business Innovation Group, Customer Innovation Group, Distribution Innovation Group, Financial Innovation Group, and others. (Oh, you didn’t know about FIG? You must not have been at the presentations!)

The presentations by the different groups were judged by a team and the winning team presented on FIG. The team, pictured below,was Drew Caulk, Kristi Demers, Jake Ducharme, Lilly Richardson and Brandon White.

Just a few highlights from this year’s class of interns. We had a total of 36, nine in Texas and 27 in Vermont. There 17 women and 19 men. The best represented schools were the University of Vermont (7); the University of Texas, both Austin and Dallas (4); Champlain College (3); Bentley University (3). And of the total number of interns this year, seven previously interned with us.